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While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, these Council Minutes should not be considered an official record. Official council minutes can be obtained from the City Clerk, City Hall, 222 W. Yoakum, Chaffee, MO 63740.

2013-12-16 minutes
2013-12-02 minutes
2013-11-18 minutes
2013-11-04 minutes
2013-10-21 minutes
2013-10-07 minutes
2013-09-03 minutes
2013-08-19 minutes
2013-08-05 minutes
2013-07-15 minutes
2013-07-01 minutes
2013-06-17 minutes
2013-06-03 minutes
2013-05-20 minutes
2013-05-06 minutes
2013-04-15 minutes
2013-04-01 minutes
2013-03-18 minutes
2013-03-04 minutes
2013-02-04 minutes


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