Snow and Ice Response

The Chaffee Public Works Department makes every effort to clear streets when snow and ice events occur. Snow and ice control measures are directed to achieving and maintaining relatively safe traffic movement on public streets within a reasonable time period.  This does not mean bare, dry pavement should be expected after a snowstorm. Depending on the severity of the weather event, total clearing of streets may not be possible but we will try to make streets passable.

The through streets of Helen, Yoakum and Elliot and cross streets, Main, 3rd and 5th are the first priorities for clearing.

How You Can Help

  • Be patient; we will try as best as we can with our resources to make all streets passable as soon as possible. This is our number one priority.
  • Stay off the roads, if possible. The fewer vehicles on the roads, the faster we can get them cleared and have you on your way.
  • Park your vehicles in your driveway or off of the street if possible..

.If you have an emergency, call the police department at 887-6911.