Keeping Yard Waste Off City Streets and Out of Storm Drains and Streams

The City of Chaffee needs help from you and lawn care and landscape professionals to keep grass clippings and leaves off our streets and out of our storm water system. Left in the street, grass clippings and leaves not only are an eyesore and a hazard to bicycle riders, walkers, and motorists, they clog storm drains, cause flooding, and increase maintenance costs.   Grass clippings can also lead to citations and fines. Street runoff of rainwater washes grass clippings, leaves, and other debris into storm drains form curbs, streets and ditches designed to move storm water out into the system.. This material clogs up the system, For these and other reasons, City ordinance 215.010 prohibits leaving lawn clippings as well as mud, straw, tree limbs, or any substance that can cause an obstruction to the flow of the storm water system, in the street, and the City can issue citations and fines to residents and contractors who do not comply.   You can read the full ordinance online at   There are simple ways to maintain attractive landscapes without casting yard waste into the street:  
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn (they are fertilizer)
  • Direct mowers to cast clippings away from pavements when possible
  • Sweep or blow clippings from pavements back onto the lawn
  • Mix grass clippings with leaves and soil to make compost, a soil conditioner
We appreciate your help keeping Chaffee’s storm water system flowing. It takes the whole community citizens, businesses, and government working together to make the difference! If you’d like more information, please call the City of Chaffee at 573-887-3558.   Thank You for your cooperation.