We are excited to announce that the construction phase of our water project has began. A lot of time has been spent in planning, design, and engineering to get to this point. We realize that it has been difficult to deal with issues caused by the age of our water lines and system but we hope to soon put these issues behind us.

 The project has been divided into three parts.

.1)                 Construction of the new water treatment plant

2)                 Replacement of water lines and meters

3)                 Storage Tank Rehabilitation

 There will be construction crews working in all areas of town with an unavoidable impact on all residents, businesses, parking and traffic. Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience of construction to the extent possible and keep everyone informed.

 The replacement of water lines will have the most impact on everyone. This part of the project will consist of trenching and boring to place new water lines. Wherever possible, boring will be done to minimize digging. Lines will be placed in the city easement which in most cases is between the sidewalk and the street. On streets with no sidewalks, the easement is generally 30’ -40′ from the center of the roadway.  We have obtained easements from residents that are the exception to these rules and there may be more exceptions and easements required as construction progresses.

 The water line portion of the project will take the longest to complete, taking 11 months from the start of construction. Completion of all parts of the project should be in August of 2014 if all goes well.

 Maps of water lines and construction plans are posted on the city website at www.cityofchaffee.com.

 Here are some things to keep in mind during the construction of this project.

 1)                 Please be aware that construction, especially during wet weather, is unsightly and messy.  Please expect the properties that are constructed on to be messy for several months.  We will make every effort to hold the contractor to an acceptable cleanup standard, however, weather and varying construction techniques can cause a mess prior to final cleanup.  Please be aware that the contractor is not required to fully clean up the job until the final month of construction.

 2)                 Be advised that it is possible that your driveway or garage access may be restricted and you may need to make parking arrangements for a short time frame. If there must be a disruption for any extended length of time, you will be notified in advance.

 3)                 During this process there may be drops in water pressure and even times the water will be shut off. If water service is interrupted, we will make every effort to restore service as soon as possible.

 4)                 Boil water orders may be necessary and will be broadcast on KFVS12, local radio stations, and www.cityofchaffee.com.

 We will make every effort to keep you informed. Please do not hesitate to call city hall if you have any questions or concerns at 887-3558.  You can also email me at hortonl@cityofchaffee.com